OK!  So who would think that this is just a sample of what came out of the meeting!

We finally have got the first of the minutes out – apologies for the time it took, those hangovers aren’t getting any shorter… Please check it all out, it’s got loads of good and useful info – we’ve put some of the best stuff at the bottom to make you go all the way down! Also we need help to fill in a few gaps.

1. Network X at TUC         2. Network X statement
3. January 29th        4. Regional Meetings
5. Links and contacts        6. Network report backs
7. FE Bulletin!             8. Next gathering
9. Critical reflections        10. Questions of gatherers

There will be future mail outs – and we may even move to a fortnightly one if information keeps coming in – so please update us and keep checking the site.

1. Network X at TUC March 26th Demo
A call out was drafted and adopted by the Network X gathering on the weekend.  it is a broad call out with room for furtherance locally – you can find it on the links below.

2. Network X Statement
A statement on class struggle was agreed and adopted by the gathering on the weekend, with 14 stand asides with concerns expressed

3. January 29th  –  A call out was made to take action on the 29th January at the demonstrations in London and Manchester

4.  Regional delegates meetings

There were several regional meetings called
North West to be held in Manchester – 2nd February, anchester, 7pm,  venue tbc – for more info contact

please email with title REGIONAL with more information on regional gatherings-  we know they’re happening, get it out there!

5. Links to be uploaded
Links to groups that provide support and skills are being uploaded on the website.  Please send all info and links to – the more we get to share the better, and please send us the links we’ve missed.  Here are a few of the ones that were picked out – but the rest will be on the website by the end of the week, promise!

Activist trauma support –
Scottish Activist Legal Project –
Media training offered by climate camp media team –
Support the youth in doing DA and security –
Urban and rural climbing training –
Emails, lists, security training, blogging, defend your data –

If you have any more useful info and links please mail

6. Report backs from Networks


We had a productive practical session and ideas came out for a national aggregator website. The basic features we said we wanted were:

– English language
– Focused on anti-cuts (for the time being), but with the possibility of expanding in the future
– User-filtered content: no editorial control, however some degree of moderation
– To be launched as soon as possible

The different skills required include:

– Tech and programming
– Source finding
– Webdesign
– Promotion and publicity of the site, copy when it needs to be written
– Feedback from people on matters of accessibility and aesthetics
– Somebody to put tags on articles and content?

Here is where people can sign up for the announce list:


NINJA will no longer be administrating anything to do with Network X, please e-mail for Network X enquiries.

NINJA will also no longer be attempting to be an outreach network – a very cogent concern was that the name was not particularly broad in appeal!  However it will still continue as a propaganda organisation, with some very cool stuff to come!

An outreach network will still be continued, potentially under the name Shout Out (yes we know it was on Network X bingo!).  To find out more please e-mail – this is the interim contact address until the network has been named.

The practical aims of the Outreach network, as a starting point, can be found here, – please bare with us though as the rest will be edited in the coming 10 days.

Green and Black Cross

3 regional groups were set up at Network X – South Coast, North West and London – get in touch if you want set up a group or you want more information on the regional groups set up.

Some upcoming meetings

Green & Black Cross Legal Observer Training
23 January, 13:30 – 18:00 G2 Lecture Theatre, Ground floor of SOAS, Near Russel Square

Medics Training:
7pm London, on the steps of the Institute of Education next to SOAS

Legal Defence and Monitoring Group are holding info night for defendants
Feb 6th – LARC, London, 7.30pm

GBC skill share session
12th Feb, venue TBC

For more details email


There will there be online direct action training with UKUNCUT on 22nd January—saturday-22nd

So We Stand

Please hit us up with your minutes!  X

7. FE Bulletin

Is being produced and prepared for distribution as we speak!
to get involved with this bulletin, lend your support with contacts, some help with distribution please get in touch with
or in brighton, and south coast

This is to go out nationwide and they are looking for contributions from FE students to go in this (it will only be two sides of A4 so they don’t need to be very long) on topics like:

– the affect that the cuts (including but not limited to EMA and tuition fees) will have on them
– but we also want to show that in reality EMA is used as a disciplinary tool (we don’t just defend how things are uncritically)
– their experience of the movement so far (good things, impressive things, but also the reality of repression which college students have faced, any stories resisting this would be good)

Get on it!

8. Next gathering

We agreed to have another gathering, and there is a mail list that is being formed to discuss it, if you want to get involved (you crazy fools!) then e-mail with the title GATHERING.

9. Organisers critical reflections

Lessons learnt and recognitions of failings will be published in the next few days.  Hopefully this can serve as a guide for future organisers, and provide a collaborative forum for skill sharing.

This was a first stab at a gathering like this and there were lots of lessons to be shared, so watch the next mail out for details of where and how to – but if you have any thoughts you want to share immediately please email with the title REFLECTIONS


We want contact details, links and information on all these things that were brought up at the gathering. Please email with the title LINKS!  Safe!

A few examples of gaps…

Details on Brighton carnivalesque action.
Details of Brighton training weekend
Details of Bristol guide for students at demos
Love police training in Cambridge
Tripod training collective in Scotland
Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner support
Squatters support and other housing support projects

We know it was a tad difficult at times, but if this is just some of what we can do when we get together, even when put together by a rag tag bunch of first timers, then the future looks pretty hopeful!

Lots of love



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4 Responses to NETWORK X

  1. jasper says:

    this is great, i am fed up of mixing with trot anti-cuts activists/organisations

  2. Pingback: A good start to the year | Cautiously pessimistic

  3. Kazz67 says:

    You may be interested in this upcoming event – “Protest within a protest 29 January · 11:00”
    “Lots of you are showing alot of interest in the 29th protest in London aimed at the government cuts,The Love Police will be out in full force. We would like
    to build an army of people carrying signs stating “Everything is ok” and “Do not question authority”maybe signs that say “The banks have it all under control” something along those lines,i would love to see some more thought going into protest signs,”Stop the cuts” and stuff …like that will not work,lets make peacefull protesting fun,lets make it popular.only about 1 percent of people bother to make up their own slogans at protests,if the world is a stage,start playing and make it worth watching. it would be great to get these simple words in the mainstream conciousness,come and join us for the day.


    Lets make the next round of BBC and SKY Footage as publicly enlightening as possible.

    If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    — Malcolm X

    If people become ecstatic the whole society will have to change, because this society is based on misery. If people are blissful you cannot lead them to war — to Vietnam, or to Egypt, or to Israel. No. Someone who is blissful will just laugh and say: This is nonsense!
    Link –!/event.php?eid=178864445481656

  4. john says:

    Join the Bank Run, on Revenge Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011.

    Thousands of people across the UK will be attempting to hit the banks where it hurts, by starting a bank run. Everyone is welcome to take part and to encourage others to take part. This action is totally legal.

    For details, click here:

    Please spread this news by any means possible


    On Wednesday 26 January 2011, thousands of people in the UK will try to cause a bank run by withdrawing money from their bank accounts, in person, at high street bank branches.

    The hope is that the movement will snowball.

    Everyone is welcome. Just print out the form below, fill in your details, and take it to your bank, preferably around lunchtime, e.g. about 1pm. Even better, print out multiple copies and hand them round. Use email, Twitter, Facebook too.

    When the first bank branch says it won’t pay out people’s money, let everyone know, using every means possible. Take photos. Use mobile phones, send tweets, get the journalists in on the picture. This movement is decentralised. It is what you and we make it.

    Note that this idea was tried last December, after being suggested by Eric Cantona. Unfortunately it didn’t go very far, mainly because the organisers asked people to “sign up” online. We’re not asking you to sign up to anything. In particular, you do NOT have to give any personal details to anyone. The form below is just for giving to your BANK.

    If you can only afford to withdraw 10 pounds, please do it. If you can afford to withdraw thousands of pounds, do that too. EVERY LITTLE HELPS. Banks cannot withstand everyone withdrawing even a tenth of what they’ve got in the bank. LET’S SEND THESE PARASITES A MESSAGE THEY’LL NEVER FORGET. It’s an open secret that they’re holding the country to ransom. Let’s kick ’em where it hurts.

    This is the financial system’s MAJOR WEAK SPOT. That’s why the Dutch government is considering making it illegal to call for a bank run. Because they’re SCARED. In 2009 there was a bank run against a Dutch bank. This was considered to be a particularly unpleasant bank, which had been encouraging millions od Dutch people to get into debt who couldn’t afford it. People did a run against it, and it went bankrupt. How sad.

    In Britain, you’d be hard pushed to name a bank which DIDN’T try to get people into massive debt they can’t really afford.

    Here’s the bottom line: THE BANKS HAVE GOT IT COMING TO THEM.

    So please take part. Spread the news. Distribute this leaflet. Print your own. Just do a little bit to help, and we’ll be strong and we’ll blast the damn banks like they’ve never been blasted before.

    Please print the following, complete the details, and hand it to your bank around 1pm on 26 Jan 2011.

    NAME: __________________________
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: ___________________
    SORT CODE:______________________
    NAME OF BANK:_____________________

    To: the Branch Manager
    Dear Sir,
    I wish to withdraw ____________ pounds from my account in cash, immediately.
    Yours sincerely,
    __________________ (signed)

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