Workers don’t need Bosses!

Workers don’t need Bosses!

A gathering for all those who want to help build a militant working class mass movement against the cuts, controlled by the grassroots.

The Cowley Club, Brighton, 12th to 13th of March 2011.

The TUC have called a legal, peaceful demonstration in central London on the 26th of March that over one million people are expected to attend, in opposition to the government’s public sector cuts. This will be the biggest demonstration in Britain since the anti-Iraq war protests of 2003.

However, as we all know, those protests were unsuccessful, showing that peaceful protest alone will not stop a government from acting against the people’s will. Strikes, occupations, civil disobedience, in short: DIRECT ACTION is what really gets results for the working class against the bosses and their government.

For these reasons in early January a national anti-cuts gathering held in Manchester (Network X) called for all those attending the demonstration on March 26th not to limit themselves to the TUC leader’s plans, but to use their own initiative and take direct action.

Network X also called for the demonstration not to be limited to unionised workers but to include all sectors of society affected by the cuts, such as benefits claimants, students, and non-unionised workers. To build the links between these different sectors of the working class it is obvious we need to go beyond the structures of official trades unions.

The Brighton gathering is intended for those who intend to respond to this call out to meet, network and discuss how best we can help the development of working class militancy, both on the demonstration and in the aftermath.

As well as organisational meetings there will be practical workshops on:

Workplace organising,

Legal and emotional support for demonstrators,

Fighting gender privilege in the anti-cuts movement

First aid,

Direct action training,

Producing grassroots publicity and alternative media

Food and accommodation will be available and there will be a benefit concert on the first evening of the gathering to cover the costs.

Email for more information, or to get involved


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