On 15th and 16th January we are calling a gathering for all networks and individuals that are oppositional, non hierarchical and opposed not only to the cuts, but to capitalism itself.

Across the country local groups have sprung up, and networks have worked together to pull off some amazing protests, but we want to go further… From peoples kitchens to action medics, action support to workshops.

If we would like to see anger around The Cuts over the next few years become strong movements then it is not only necessary to establish this infrastructure, but to base them in a wider discussion – we will hopefully be inviting delegates from occupations and actions across the country to this end.

We know this work is going on and those involved in calling it are already doing some.  We hope to provide a space for co-ordination, planning and discussion.

We don’t want to create another talking shop and we reject sectarianism and all party politics. Rather we seek to have an open and inclusive
process, that really facilitates working more closely including the use of working groups and consensus decision making towards practical outcomes.

We think its important that we can link up local groups and take immediate direct action and working towards doing so on a large scale including;
industrial action, blockades, occupations, land grabs, civil disobedience, rent strikes, etc, etc…

We respect autonomy and find unity though diversity and solidarity with other anti-capitalist struggles in the UK and internationally.

We hope to establish a network that will allow libertarians to co-ordinate and support each others struggles.

We invite the following networks especially to attend – though all organisations and people who value autonomy, decentralised organisation, and opposing oppression in all forms, are welcome.

Climate Camp
Stop Racism and Fascism Network
No Borders
Anti-militarist Network
Defend Welfare (Local coalitions against poverty)
Anarchist Federation
General Assemblies/People’s Assemblies
Autonomous Students Network
Solidarity Federation
So We Stand
Seeds for Change
Radical Routes


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